Customer verification, it's covered.

Increase conversion and improve customer trust with one simple integration.

Why qeetu for business?

Turn Key solution

full KYC as a service via one simple integration. Including ID capture, ID verification, Proof of residence, AML screening, Ongoing monitoring & secure file sharing.

Build customer trust

Qeetu is a consumer first organisation. By using qeetu you are aligning with our values of always keeping your customers security at the heart of what you do.

Competitive advantage

Qeetu customers get rewarded for using our platform to verify themselves. This means they will be more likely to use Qeetu to sign up.

Easy to integrate

All you need to integrate is the Qeetu secret key widget onto your website or app. All sensitive data is shared and stored on our patent pending platform.

Zero Knowledge Proof

Trust that the data we hold is correct, customers share information that you can trust. A relief for businesses who are legally required to identify their customers, or are fed up of missing or incorrect information.

Replace existing KYC process
Super Fast
Ultra secure

How it works

Add qeetu sign up button onto your website, this is where a customer would input their qeetu secret key.

When a customer signs in with qeetu, we instantaneously ask the customer for permission to give you the details required.

Once approved, all the customers have to do is enter their secret key, once the key is accepted you will receive the verified file for that customer. That onboarding is then complete.

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