Changing ID verification forever

Verify your personal identity once, and never worry about uploading ID documents, passports or proving your address again.

It takes 2 mintutes to get your qeetu ID.

Verify your personal details with qeetu. Visit your favourite website, enter your qeetu ID and click.
That's it - you're in!

Unique ID

With qeetu you get a unique ID code for every new service you sign up to. No more passwords. No more lengthy onboarding processes. No more jumping through hoops.

Super fast

Enter your details once with qeetu and then you're set. When you visit your favourite website, all you need to do is enter your qeetu ID and we'll do the rest.

Super secure

Our patent pending encryption platform ensures that all of the data that you enter remains safe even when sharing your data with one of our partners.

Access online financial services quickly and securely

Don't waste time with lengthy onboarding processes when signing up to banking, trading, travel, investment or crypto services. qeetu streamlines onboarding processes all the while keeping your data safe. One-click verification is at your fingertips.

Your identity, Your control

Have piece of mind when sharing your data online.

Full control

Using revolutionary blockchain technology, you can track and delete data at any time. Set expiry dates, grant and retract access. You're in control.

Peace of mind

qeetu and our partners store your data on the most secure platform, so that you can rest assure it is safe at all times.

For your eyes only

Only you and the people you personally grant access to can see your data.

Your verified identity

Once you've complete verification with qeetu, you will never have to go through length onboarding processes again. Once you're verified with qeetu, our partners trust that you are who you say you are. One-click verification is at your fingertips.

Trusted sharing

Only you and the people you personally grant access to can see your data. There is no one in between.

Easy to use
register in 2 minutes


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