The key to your online identity.

The fastest and most secure way to register for your favourite services without compromising your data.

One click verification

When you see a qeetu login button on your favourite website, enter your qeetu ID and click. That's it!

Unique ID

With qeetu you get a unique ID code for every time that you sign up to a service. No more passwords or long entry forms.

Super fast

Just enter your details once with qeetu and then you're set. All you need to enter your qeetu ID and the rest is done by us.

Super secure

Our patent pending encryption platform ensures that all of the data that you enter remains safe even when sharing your data with one of our partners.

Your identity, Your control

We want you to be able to have piece of mind when sharing your data online.

Get rewarded for sharing your data

We send you rewards for every time you use your qeetu ID online, turning your data into income.

Full control

You can track and delete data that you share even after you've shared it by using blockchain technology.

Peace of mind

All of our partners store your data on our super secure platform, this means that you can keep control and rest assure it is safe.

Zero Knowledge Proof

Only you and the person or business can see your data once you have approved access.

Your verified identity

Simply complete verification once with qeetu and never have to do it again. Once verified with qeetu our partners trust that you are who you say you are.

Trusted sharing

Only you and the person you are sharing your data with can see what you have shared. There is noone in between.

Auto unsubscribe

Our auto unsubscribe feature allows you to delete your data from services and websites you no longer use with one simple click.

How it works

Sign up to qeetu and never have to enter details again online.

Enter your name and email to sign up to qeetu

Verify your email, upload your ID and take a selfie so we can verify who you are.

You are now ready to use your key to the internet. Simply copy and paste your qeetu ID when you see 'sign up with qeetu' and take back control.

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Recommend a business to work with qeetu

If a business you love does not already accept qeetu, let us know and we will see if we can partner with them.

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